New Routines

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Breakups are undeniably hard, painful and disrupting. Regardless of your previous relationship arrangements (married or not), if you were in a committed romantic relationship, you will definitely suffer the consequences of its termination. Some may find themselves with more on their plate than others, nonetheless, we all share the fact that there is going to […]


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When we are down, especially after a breakup, the last thing on our minds is gratitude… we feel we have no reason to feel grateful in the midst of so much pain. However, there’s always a reason to feel grateful, even if it is just for a simple action or occurrence, usually overlooked.  Building gratitude […]

Acknowledge your Feelings

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We all can agree that we need to take better care of ourselves, especially after a breakup.  Being your best friend in a time like this is vital to replace any self-criticism with self-compassion. But how do you do that? All self-care starts with acknowledgement / recognition.  If you think about any other forms of […]

Dealing With a Breakup

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If you are reading this article it’s likely you’re going through a breakup and my heart goes out to you in these painful times. This is another one of those frequent questions about breakups and I have given a slight hint of tips on a previous article (How long does it take to get over […]