Get Over Your Breakup




I was with my boyfriend for 8 years. We always ended up fighting and breaking up but we always found our way to get back.

12 months ago we broke up, like always I was still hoping that everything was gonna be alright. but it didn’t. I was torn apart when he said he did enough and he doesn’t want me anymore. It really broke my heart until very recently. I texted him several times and there’s a day where I was begging him to come back with me but he just ignored me. It was really torturing me… every time he pushed me away and what made me hurt the most was he started dating another girl while my life had come to a complete stand still.

I cried most of the days for 3 months, remembering him. I loved him so much. I even lost weight because I couldn’t eat anything.  People kept telling me to move on and get over it but I felt they didn’t understand.. I just wanted to forget everything and start a new life… It was so difficult for me, I didn’t feel supported, I felt criticized for suffering and not moving on when others felt like I should have.

It helped me a great deal to get in touch with others online, I found more support from strangers online than from my friends at the time. Websites like this can be a blessing for those like me, in need of support.

Today I am working on myself, focusing on my career and making new friends. I am single and I am learning to be happy this way.


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