Get Over Your Breakup



I hope my divorce experience helps someone reading this:

My marriage of 11 years ended 2 years ago and was one of the most, if not the most stressful and painful experience I ever endured.

We both decided to call it off as we were no longer happy in our marriage. We were both working long hours and we started drifting apart, but it was still very painful. I felt like a failure and the thought of not sharing a home full-time with my daughters nearly broke me. It was a very difficult adaptation to the new realities… Everything felt strange and inadequate, very uncomfortable indeed.

I spent many sleepless nights feeling I somehow failed, feeling that I have let myself down, my ex-partner and more importantly, I let my daughters down… It was tough…

I soon started to focus on showing my love and support to my girls, as I thought the sooner I adapt the sooner they too will adjust to these new changes in our lives. In a way that made me focus on myself too, because for my girls to be ok, I had to work on being ok for them.  In time, we all got used to being a family that lives in two different properties, but a family nonetheless.

To this day, my ex and I are great at co-parenting our girls and that has helped us all to move on from the initial shock from the separation.
It took the 2 of us to get to the stage we are now, we get on well and we still work together as a team to see our children happy.

I know the divorce was the right decision, I have no regrets, but that doesn’t stop it being painful and messy. 

It is hard, but it gets better.

Don’t give up on yourself, and if you have kids, don’t give up on them – they need you.

Take good care of yourself, you deserve it.

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