Get Over Your Breakup



Hi all

My boyfriend of thirteen months cheated on me and when I found out I was willing to
Forgive him but he didn’t want me back.

This was 8 months ago.

Just when I felt I was having a better day the next day then took it away from me…
I cried constantly. The pain from missing him was unbearable sometimes.
I kept thinking I shouldn’t love him but I didn’t know how to switch it off…
I wished I knew how to let him go, it felt impossible.

Some days I didn’t want to even be here…

I felt unloved… I gave my all.

But looking back I know he never gave me his all.
I was reminiscing on the good.

Sometimes it still hurts, but now I can think clearer.

I am no longer focused on him or on his love for me.
I am learning to love myself for me.

It gets harder before it can get better, but it will
Believe, it will get better.

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