Get Over Your Breakup




I was with my partner for 4 years, she was my rock, but she left me 2 years ago. She is a Counsellor and because over the years I have suffered from acute mental health, I was quite dependent on her.

It’s a strange thing but you only realise what you once had when it is no longer there. I struggled a lot with the separation, with being left, I felt abandoned, rejected, that something was wrong with me. I ended up filtering all the good from the bad, and the good was all I could think of… I literally was crying for an entire week , couldn’t eat, sleep and think clearly.

The stress was intense. 4 weeks after we called it off she met someone else and spent weekends doing all the things that I used to do with her, going to the same local restaurant that we always visited, local fairs and other places. It was truly heart-breaking, I felt like life had been sucked out of me. It was hard, but I had a plan.

If anyone is reading this then this is what you can do too! Socialise, get out there and meet new people, do not drink or take drugs, try new things, just be yourself and enjoy the benefits of clear thinking. There is life after a relationship ends.

Today when I see her, I realise that I made the right decision,

Good luck, do your crying and let it out but remember, you only move on when you alone decide to do so. Immerse yourself in new friendships.

Right now, 2 years later, I have new friends, I’m in a stable relationship and I am happier now.

Be strong.

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