Get Over Your Breakup



Hi all!

I am not sad about a recent break up as I decided it wasn’t right.

We had been seeing each other for 14 months and I had not got to know the real him before becoming too close.

Now I have learnt my lesson and have been able to protect myself even though he says he loves and respects me….I know he is lying, as actions do speak louder than words.

The only advice I can give others is to enjoy being free to do what you want and protect yourself and family ( I am a single mum). Even if you have been dumped…in the long run they have done you a favour as you can now look after your own well being, be true to yourself and live your own life.

I am now in the stage after lots of past suffering and being too loving and trusting that I will have the upper hand in future, be myself, which is still loving and kind, but not manipulated!

I have so many convincing begging letters and game playing words from past relationships that it is very funny how similar they are!
So change the power in a nice way but in your favour and you will find inner peace, happiness and no more bull.

Good luck in your recovery, and you will recover, believe me :))

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