Get Over Your Breakup



Life couldn’t have been better when he was around. I loved him so much I could catch a grenade for him. It all started when he stopped attending to my needs.

So many things happened but I couldn’t let go. He broke up with me. It’s been two years now, but at the time it felt like my world was crashing. I had nobody to talk to.

I couldn’t sleep, eat or make decisions, I felt debilitated with so much pain… I lost many friends as a result and that made it extra painful.

I ended up developing depression and was medicated to regulate my sleep.  After the course of medication ended, I had a few therapy sessions, realised I needed to start again from a new sense of respect and appreciation for myself to finding new network of support.

Found another job, one that I actually enjoy, joined the gym and work as a volunteer in one of the local charity shops every once a week. That alone provided me with plenty of opportunities to make new friends and I have! Today I am enjoying life!

I am single and I am happy, it goes without saying  #happyafteryou

As I have started reading your stories I believe it would have helped me at the time of my breakup, so I’m hoping my story helps others too.

Bless you all for sharing.

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