Get Over Your Breakup



30 yrs of my best friend, my soulmate, my rock, then a 2 yr affair behind my back, tried to work through things, but his heart wasn’t in it. This was a year ago.

I lost my job, my family, was really struggling, and he wanted to remain friends ? We met a few times after the breakup for the first month, then I found out he was still seeing her and he completely moved out. He said he needed closure, he lied when he wouldn’t leave me and said she was carrying his twins, even went on to say she had them and they passed away 2 days old, who does something like that?

I was by his side through it all, but he wanted to find himself and said he didn’t want me anymore, I decided not to see him again.
I just wanted to wake up in a few yrs and be over it.  It was such a struggle… I couldn’t eat, sleep… I was a mess. To top it up, I felt isolated with no one’s support. I was a wreck.

I am slowly rebuilding my life. I have moved town, am currently employed and have managed to meet people and make new friends, which has helped me tremendously with my breakup.

Things are gradually getting better and I am starting to live again. I am not there yet, but I am getting there.

You too, who’s reading this, will find your way out of this painful breakup.

Start by doing what’s right for you, start planning what you need and stick to it. It’s hard, surely, but there’s life after a breakup.

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