Get Over Your Breakup



My girlfriend of almost 3 years broke up with me last year.

It was brutal, I felt like this breakup was somehow destroying me.

I kept  thinking about her. I didn’t want to be like this anymore. I thought time was supposed to heal me but in the first 3 months after the split, I was so distressed that it made me doubt if this would ever go away.

It was getting harder and harder, I was so distraught I ended up losing my job… 

Today I am trying to do my best to improve myself, trying my best to move on, to deal with my issues. I found a new job and decided to also study part-time.

It wasn’t easy, but I’m currently at a stage where I can see light at the end of the tunnel and I am more focused on my life than on hers and I am beginning to enjoy myself again. 
I guess everyone takes their own time to get over a breakup. Don’t allow yourself to feel pressure to be any other way than it is. You will get over it at your own time.

Thank you for sharing your stories, they are inspiring.

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