Get Over Your Breakup



Hi! I found this webpage and thought of sharing my breakup story too. Here we go!

Long story short: I met him through mutual friends and we soon hit it off, let’s call him “Mr Wrong”. He is tall and handsome, attentive, charming and soft spoken, which I find very attractive in a man, so needless to say I was head over heels for this man almost from the moment we met!

We dated for 3 years and were planning our future together. We were engaged, living together and looking at buying a house at this stage, we would talk about marriage, kids, the whole shebang, when I started hearing rumours that he was being unfaithful. One of my close friends arranged to meet me to tell me that she heard another friend of ours commenting that my boyfriend was making advances on her, that he would text her frequently and being very flirtatious to her and other women too.

At the time I spoke to him and he firmly denied everything, (looking back I should have talked to this other woman too, I guess deep down he was telling me what I wanted to hear, and she probably wouldn’t do the same), I didn’t even thought of asking to check his mobile phone as I find this to be quite invasive of privacy, so I stuck by his version of events and grew closer to him and more distant from my friends. Back then I felt that I had to protect my relationship, I thought he was “Mr Right”.

Two weeks after this incident, we had an appointment booked to view a property, so I had taken the afternoon off, however, the estate agent had cancelled the viewing and my boyfriend forgot to tell me… We had arranged to meet at our rented flat to go to this viewing together, but as I entered the flat, I could hear that he wasn’t alone… In that moment my heart sank, I just knew something wasn’t right… I followed the sounds which led me to our bedroom where I caught him in the act with a mutual friend of ours!!!

Yes, I saw him with another woman in our bedroom!!! And not just any woman, someone I knew well! It was brutal… I felt that my world had ended right there… I loved him dearly and I trusted him. I trusted his word over everyone else’s and I was wrong to do so. I felt betrayed, embarrassed and deeply hurt. I thought I wasn’t able to love again and even if I was going to be able to love again, I could never trust again… I felt very lonely at that time. I will never forget how that breakup made me feel about myself and others. I obviously moved out that same day and never spoke to him or that slut ever again.

And to think I was about to marry that guy… Dodged that bullet!

There was a time where I thought I would never get over this breakup, and honestly it took a long time for me to move on and appreciate life again, but here I am, I survived it and I am actually enjoying being single. I reconnected with some of my old friends, made new friends, and found time for things I enjoy, like joining in the local tennis club, which I love! I am actually enjoying going on dates and meeting new people.

I learned that I shouldn’t blindly love someone, I don’t want to be overly suspicious either, but this breakup showed me that I need to be more inquisitive of those whom I give my heart to.

Two years on and I am happy without him! Definitely #happyafteryou!

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