It’s Time to Embrace Change

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The end of a relationship gives rise to a wide range of emotional and psychological distress, and for some it can leave deep scars, affecting people sometimes even years after the split. Whether or not you develop some kind of traumatic effect from your last breakup, it is still a painful and stressful experience to […]

The Pain of Divorce and How to Start the Journey to Recovery

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When some people think of divorce they think of a ‘court case’, however, in reality, for those going through it, there’s more to divorce than legal proceedings. Divorces are very painful experiences with complex ramifications, and there is no denying that the legal proceedings can be stressful, adding to the already devastating ordeal, although, psychological […]

Fighting the Urge to Contact Your Ex

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We often hear stories about couples who breakup and get back together, divorcees who end up remarrying their Exes, couples that split up but years down the line end up together again; as inspiring as this might seem for some, it is not always the desired outcome for everyone. More often than not, couples slipt […]

Dealing With a Breakup

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If you are reading this article it’s likely you’re going through a breakup and my heart goes out to you in these painful times. This is another one of those frequent questions about breakups and I have given a slight hint of tips on a previous article (How long does it take to get over […]

How Long does it take to Get Over a Breakup?

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This a frequent question when it comes to breakups, if not the most prominent one for those who are going through a romantic separation. Breakups can be incredibly brutal, emotionally and psychologically draining, they can also have a massive impact on our social connections (divided friendships as well as sometimes divided families because of a […]