Get Over Your Breakup



After 23 years of marriage, 3 kids, their father chose his drugs and house parties over us… he enjoyed it too much…

Lost my home, lost my mum during our breakup 3 years ago…

He still tries to mentality abuse his daughters, but they are learning slowly to deal with him. My son hates his dad for what he has put me and his sisters through and I can’t see it ever mending. The hurt and anger I felt sometimes was overpowering but I always remember my mum telling me on her death bed to let him go. She loved him like a son, bought him clothes, paid his bills, and yet he made her out to be a liar when he stole from us to pay for his drugs. How can a man I loved for 25 years treat his family like dirt?

But 3 years down the line, we have a lovely home, all my children are in a healthy environment, happy and have come out of hiding.

Myself, I am still single and am in no rush for a new relationship, I am focusing on myself and my children. I don’t love him anymore and I know we can never be friends, which can only be worse for my children than for me, actually I am happy not speaking to him.

Reading this site helps and I hope it helps others too knowing they are not alone in their breakup torment and that there’s hope of a better life after a breakup.

I still believe in love. Maybe, someday me and the kids will find someone who will treat us nicely and want us in their life, until then life goes on and it does get better everyday.


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