About the Website

Hi there! 
Welcome to my website, I am G and I hope you find the resources provided here helpful.

First things first, if you are checking this website, you are either going through a breakup or know someone who is, and I would just like to start by saying I am really sorry, breakups can be very hard to overcome. 

If you are going through a tough time trying to get over someone, whether because of a divorce, separation, or any romantic breakup, than this website is for you.

We often hear about someone who is going through a separation and it is almost considered the norm, since so many couples separate these days, but when it happens to us we realise just how painful and how out of the ordinary it feels.
Some of us almost become desensitised to other people’s pain because separations of any nature so often occur but at the same time its emotional repercussions are so minimised. Sadly though, because these consequences include suffering and are serious for those who are living this ordeal.
A breakup with our other half means a rupture in our lives, in our sense of identity, as we tend to live different lives as being part of a couple than as single people. And that transition is never easy.
Breakups not only can put your life on hold, but the distress caused can be detrimental to your general well-being. Heartbreaks are linked to the development of acute anxiety and/or depression in some cases.
The end of a relationship leaves a sense of loss that at the time feels irreplaceable and irreparable… the thoughts and emotions that derives from this loss tend to accompany, blame, guilt, self-doubt, self-criticism, to mention a few, which in turn generate emotions like disappointment, anguish, anger, sadness, despair, loneliness, and so on, which as a consequence can lead to excessive behaviours to cover up the pain, instead of accepting and acknowledge it. 
Such coping mechanisms can be very commun but that doesn’t mean they are healthy physically and mentally, and sometimes even impeding the breakup recovery process. 
My website provide free access to resources developed from scientific research with a compassionate approach that can help you build healthy coping mechanisms in your journey towards recovery from your breakup.
Not only is there not enough specialised help out there for breakups, I know we all have it in ourselves to deal with these adversities, therefore, I have decided to create this Social Project. 
With a little help, you too can find your way through this.
So what can you find on my website?
The website is equipped with some of the most scientific researched techniques used in my field of work – Psychotherapy (with qualified knowledge mainly in Psychology; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy; Mindfulness – used in clinical settings), that I have carefully selected and adapted to aid Breakup recovery.
The Breakup Store provides a way to support this Social Project so others can also benefit from these resources, as well as giving you the opportunity to acquire some cool things – Breakup related – handpicked by me. 
For extra support you may find my Breakup Recovery Program very helpful, as it consists of a 8 week program with videos, audios and practical exercises organised week by week to help you explore and practice these tools gradually for maximum benefit. All you need to do is register your interest and you will have immediate access to it and start your recovery process. If you want to find out more about my Breakup Recovery Program please check the Breakup Recovery Program (BRP) page. 
Also, in this website, there’s a page called #happyafteryou, consisting in breakup stories from people who found comfort sharing their experiences.  You may find reading these experiences helpful, knowing you too can overcome this ordeal.  
Finally, all the tools provided are free of charge and are for everyone who feels they can benefit from some extra help, and I hope you find some comfort as you take these in.
As difficult as it seems and as horrible as it feels – Here come the good news – you can do this! You can survive this and emerge stronger from this experience!
Know that you have it in you to get through this!
I hope you find my website helpful!
Thank you for reading.
Wishing you a kind recovery.